Company History

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Threshold Energies was founded by Leigh Bond in late 2004 followed by incorporation on July 4, 2005. The company has been very active in promoting geothermal technology in particular, as the primary energy requirement of a home in Alberta is for heat. 74% of that energy requirement can be met with a geothermal system. Geothermal is also the most economically viable technology currently available in the marketplace.

Threshold has been a key player in the formation of the Alberta Geothermal Energy Association. Our involvement, along with many others in the industry, has led to an installer training course being offered at NAIT. Threshold Energies has also been a key player in offering consumer education through the Continuing Education department of the Edmonton Public School Board.


In September 2016, Threshold Energies Corporation started a transition to becoming Threshold Renewable Energies.


Our business plan calls for exponential growth over the next five years, and so far we have met all of our financial goals. We've also created a completely satisfied base of customers and suppliers. We have not had one bad install.